Skatepark plans underway following consultation event

By Rosie Cripps in Local People

PLANS to refurbish and create a modern skatepark for Camelford are underway, following a consultation event recently, writes Rosie Cripps.

The meeting of the town council heard on August 3 that the event was successful, as parents and young people flooded to the skatepark site, to speak to two skatepark consultants in regards to what they would like as a community facility of this kind.

Described by one town councillor as a ‘really positive afternoon with lots of enthusiasm from everyone’, around 25 young people, two town councillors and members of the Town Trust turned out to swap ideas, discuss plans and ponder on what could become a great community facility.

Cllr Rob Rotchell, mayor and Cornwall Councillor for Camelford, told the meeting in his Cornwall Council report, that the consultation event was successful.

He said: “We had a really good turnout. There was two companies to do the design and build work, who were swamped with suggestions. They’re infused with it.”

Although unable to get the knack of the ‘skater language’, Cllr Rotchell reported that he was sure that it was all positive.

He added: “There was lots of interest. There were parents there too, who wanted to be involved in the project. There’s also the case of lighting, and a block of toilets hidden behind some brambles that could be looked into further.

“I’ve spoken to the Town Trust (who own the site), and just need clarity about the space available, and just to be clear about the land available, which is probably more than we thought it was. They’ve (the Town Trust) got work to do to validate what land they own.”

Cllr Claire Hewlett asked about looking into an access point, but overall Cllr Rotchell is feeling positive about the progress.

He said: “It’s all good stuff — we’re just waiting to hear from them (the Town Trust) to see what damage is to be done.”

Town clerk, Esther Greig, later suggested that ‘it would be worth seeing what else we can fit in that area’ in the autumn, and to have a ‘proper survey’ conducted.

She said: “If we could knock the skatepark back a bit and shape it, we can fit another court of some description in there, like a basketball court.”

Cllr Rotchell said: “A survey would give us the information we need. I hate to think that the alfresco toilet in the corner is soaking away.”

Ms Greig added that the contractors chosen for the skatepark will look at the gradient of the site. She said: “If we were to have a basketball court or whatever, seeing the size of that would be a good idea.”

The council added that the Town Trust will have ‘to prove’ what land is available before anything further can go ahead.

Cllr Rotchell added: “Before we go ahead with the contract, we need to know exactly what we’re proposing for.”

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